Finding A Place That Fits You

In the year 2013 I lived in three different places. Each place was very different, but all worked out for me while I lived there. I always wondered how come three completely different places all worked out so well for me. When I thought about it I believe these places worked because of 3 factors: Cleaning, Space and Location.

I know that for some the word cleaning is a four letter word. For me though it is the complete opposite. I find it to put me in a state of zen. I like living in a clean place because I think it helps me to know where everything is. The other big factor for me to keep a clean living space is having clean floors. No one likes the sound of when you take a step and hear that crunch of you breaking something you own. I feel if you keep the floors clean then you lower the chances of stepping on something. One thing to think about is that you never hear friends complaining about their homes being to clean. The same cannot be said about a dirty living space. I believe there is so much more to a clean home than just a good look.

Another aspect of my success in the three places I lived was the space itself. You always need to make sure you get yourself enough space to live in. Of the three spaces I lived none of them were any bigger than a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. Some may think that to be small, but it worked for me. A lot of people think that the more space you have the better your home is. I think this is completely untrue. I feel what ends up happening is you just have a bunch of space you won’t be using. You should get a place based on the space that you will need and will be using. Finding the right space is always important and so is finding the right amount of space.

The biggest key to my success was finding homes in the right location. I don’t own a car so being close to public transportation is a big factor to me. Also since I use public transportation to get to and from work I want it to be very close. So when I would look for places I looked for ones that were close to public transportation. I feel the location you live in should always work for you. If you need to be located close to grocery store then you should look for places close to a grocery store. You should always check the surrounding area you are looking to live in. Knowing too much about an area can never hurt you in making a decision if you want to live there.